One Fall day, the Master from the Monastery gathered together all the monks and told them that the next day they where going to receive the visit of a Great Master that was doing a pilgrimage. It was a great honor to receive a visit from him. To honor his visit the monks had to clean the fallen leaves from the garden so that it would be perfect for his visit.

As they were so excited with the visit, the monks got hand to work and they cleaned up all the leaves that where on the floor one by one, putting them in big bags. When they where finished they where very satisfied and called the Master to show him the result and ask him where they should throw away the leaves.

The Master watched closely the garden, and he was very satisfied because you could not see a single leave anywhere. Then the Master picked up the bags and threw all the leaves back to the garden. The monks where very surprised, and one of them dared to ask:

- Master, why did you make us clean all the leaves and then throw them back?
- The garden is good as it is, with its leaves. But you should learn that the emphasis should be put in the effort you make, not in the result. The result from our effort come and go, but the effort and satisfaction for the finished work, when done with pleasure, stays there for ever.

I wish they would have taught us this in school!! How different would our lives be! But, as we dont have a time machine to go back in time, what we can try is to accept the past, reorganize our present and focus in our goals. This task requires time, patience and don’t to be “result oriented”, but focus on the effort, the bravery living the present. What really matters are the things that stay for ever: my well being, my self knowledge, and a fully live.

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